pity party on the mountain of loneliness 2005

Originally mounted at Brookhaven College in October of 2005, “Pity Party on the Mountain of Loneliness” was intended as a recreation of the false innocence found in childhood. A tragic/comic scene of a girl (or other) and 30 penguins on a snowy ridge. A vast white arctic landscape suggested by white and blue mountain ranges and pedestals, clustered, draped, and layered with vellum snowflakes. The isolation and purity broken only by the peach colored drips that trickle down the other’s face, drips that mark her belly and stain the snow. Music and sound are also part of this installation adding layers of narrative information. “Pity Party on the Mountain of Loneliness can be see in a new configuration at Mulcahy Modern Gallery in Dallas, TX from January 25- February 16, 2007.