01 Jul

Ceramics: Contemporary Artists Working in Clay

Lucky to be included in this beautiful book.  It presents the work of 45 contemporary artists who work with clay. Curator and blogger Kate Singleton collects here whimsical pieces with narrative, graphic, curious, and organic qualities that blur the line between fine art, design, and craft. Featuring a unique package with a die-cut, foil-stamped cover, this book is a vital guide to an evolving medium.
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29 Dec

The Treachery of Objects

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 12.03.33 PM

Artists include Brian Bress, William Cobbing, Jennifer Ling-Datchuk, Julia Haft-Candell, Brian R. Jones, Kristen Morgin, Michael Jones McKean and Thomas Müller.
Curated by Margaret Meehan