Margaret Meehan’s work addresses monstrosity as a kind of otherness that goes beyond dualities and instead exists in shades of gray, a slippage between the categories that society defines us by and an acknowledgement of the horror that lives within each of us.  Born in the 1970s and educated in the 1990s during the emergence of third-wave feminism and the Riot Grrrl movement, she is drawn to cycles of representation—in particular, the tendency for women and perceived anomalies to be depicted as monsters. Meehan’s work undertakes a research-based, multidisciplinary approach. While much of her interests pull from film, music, and popular culture, they also reference folklore and traditional crafts. 

Her work has been shown at ArtPace San Antonio, the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, The Dallas Museum of Art, Flowers Gallery in London, Conduit Gallery in Dallas, TX and Ulterior Gallery in New York. Awards and residencies include the Nasher Sculpture Center Microgrant (2015), Artpace International Residency (2014), The Lighthouse Works Residency (2013), Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts Residency (2009), Dozier Travel Grant from the Dallas Museum of Art (2008) and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Fellowship (2020). Meehan’s work has been featured in the Guardian, Sculpture Magazine, New American Paintings, and Artforum, among others.